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Why Utah Cord Bank?
  • Utah Cord Bank (UCB) is a private cord blood banking company, cofounded by Dr. Eliott Spencer, PhD in 2004.
  • We are proud of our 15-year spotless record with the FDA and decades of experience working with human cells and tissues.
  • Private banking gives parents exclusive access to their child's cells.
  • Banking your child's cord blood gives your family access to potentially life-saving treatments later on in life.
  • UCB stores stem cell units in vials instead of bags, so long-term preservation of cord blood is more efficient and easier to access when you need it most.
  • You can rest assured, with Utah Cord Bank, your baby's cord blood and tissue are safely stored for use many years to come. 
  • Get started by clicking the link or give us a call. There are few things more exciting than welcoming a new family member into your home!
  • Click on the following link to complete the private banking agreement and get your kit mailed out to you.

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