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Regenerative Solutions That Work!

Utah Cord Bank (UCB) is a company with over 14 years of experience processing perinatal birth tissue products into therapeutic agents. Dr. Eliott Spencer, Ph.D., founder, owner and Chief Scientific Officer for Utah Cord Bank has decades of experience working with human tissues and cells. The founding philosophy was to bring innovation and value to stem cell-based medicine.

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  • 20 years after becoming auto-immune and 11 years of being unable to squat down at all, I was able to squat and touch the floor just 24 hours after one stem cell IV drip. I almost cried. I can say first hand that stem cell therapy works!

    -rebekah s.
  • I had very severe lower back pain, right now I have none. It is a miracle. I'm super pleased that my life is turning around. After 3 months, I am no longer reliant on narcotics...that is the biggest success. Doctors would say there was nothing they could do, but there is Stem Cell therapy. It might be the miracle you are looking for, too.

  • I had bone on bone arthritic knees. They did heterologous stem cell injections in both knees, and now for the last six months, I have been working full time teaching various levels of fitness classes. I am now up to 13-15 classes a week and I am fine. No pain and I can bend my knees all the way. To me, it's a miracle. It's the best thing I have ever done. I highly, recommend it before getting cut up.


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Cellular therapeutics have been used safely for many years to treat a variety of conditions. As a powerful emerging clinical tool, it is important to note that the field is still growing.
One of our goals is provide a vast resource library for public and professional educational access.  We will create, collect, and share stem cell and biologics information that is based on the current, accurate reputable studies.  

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