Welcome to Utah Cord Bank

Utah Cord Bank (UCB) has over 12 years of experience processing perinatal birth tissue into therapeutic products. UCB was founded by two scientists with PhDs in biochemistry and physiology having decades of combined experience. It’s founding philosophy was to bring innovation and value to regenerative medicine. For years the company has been an industry leader and innovator with a list of industry firsts.

UCB has an impeccable safety record and exceptional treatment benefit record. The company has continued to grow and develop while helping to push stem cell technology forward.

UCB is fully compliant with applicable FDA regulations and industry standards. The company is pleased to provide products of the highest quality in the industry using state-of-the art technology.

UCB only accepts birth tissue meeting the most stringent criteria. Donors are screened for blood-borne pathogens, diseases and anomalies associated with their medical and social history such as medication use and use of alcohol, smoking and drugs. Only tissues from healthy mothers delivering healthy babies are used for StemShot products. Each StemShot product is tested for quality and sterility to ensure it meets the highest standards.

UCB provides products that distinguish themselves in the stem cell industry by higher concentration of therapeutic elements and less destructive processing. The proprietary processing protocols protect and preserve the therapeutic elements from donor tissues and set StemShot apart from competitors' products with regard to concentration, viability and efficacy.

All products are assigned a unique tissue ID and lot number that allows UCB to thoroughly track the allografts from the donor to the patient.